Here are several diagrams of a womans G spot to assist you in finding its location. Both these images are from the side. The one on the left is a view from the side of a woman's pelvic region if she were kneeling on all fours or in the doggy style position. The one to the right is also from the side if the woman was standing up. The one on the bottom shows the location of the woman's G spot from above.

As you can see in all 3 diagrams of the location of the G spot, the G spot is always on the top part of the vaginal wall which is the part facing where the belly button is.

  Diagram of woman from the side showing G spot    Diagram of woman from the side showing G spot
 diagram of woman from side doggy style             diagram of woman from side standing up

image of womans G spot from above
image of G spot from above